What Are Pregnancy Complications? How To Handle Them?

A woman might experience several health complications when she is expecting a baby. The pregnancy complications involve the health of the mother, the foetus, or both. It is not necessary that only a woman having frail health condition suffers from all sorts of complications. Even a woman in perfect health can experience specific difficulties making pregnancy subject to high-risk. The peril can be subdued if proper prenatal care and precautions are taken at an early stage of pregnancy. Another critical approach is to avail pregnancy complications insurance to cover any critical condition arising all of a sudden.

There is a long list of complications associated with pregnancy. Here is an overview of the common ones but it is not limited to these conditions only. Here they go –

  1. Gestational Diabetes: This is a diabetic condition occurring to a woman who never had diabetes before pregnancy. It is criticality related to high blood sugar. One needs to follow a detailed treatment plan outlined by a physician if diagnosed with such condition.

If not controlled on time, then it might eventually lead to preeclampsia, another serious complication which includes high blood pressure and protein-content in the urine. This has a high potential to affect the health of the unborn baby and enhances the risks to caesarean delivery.

  1. High blood pressure: This condition is commonly referred to as hypertension and occurs when the arteries that are transfusing blood to the body organs become narrow. Thus, the pressure inside the arteries enhances.

High blood pressure during pregnancy prevents blood flow to the placenta, from which a foetus draws oxygen and nutrients. If a would-be mother suffers from high blood pressure conditions, then she should be regularly monitored and must be under the medications through the period of pregnancy. Gestational hypertension occurs during the second phase of pregnancy and eventually goes away after the baby is born.

  1. Preeclampsia: It is a severe complication that happens as an immediate effect of gestational diabetes. It is also caused due to existing kidney diseases, high blood pressure, and systemic lupus erythematosus (inflammation in connective tissues).

This complication arises during first pregnancy mainly due to obesity or carrying two foetus or if the would-be mother is 35 years old or older.

  1. Infections: This is another common complication that also includes sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The scary part is that the foetus might contract the infection as it passes through the birth canal.
  2. Preterm labour and delivery: Labour starting before completion of 37 weeks of pregnancy gives rise to this condition. This leads to immense risk for the infant as the vital organs like the brain and lungs are not fully developed unless full-term pregnancy period (39-40 weeks) is not complete.
  3. Miscarriage and stillbirth: Miscarriage signifies pregnancy lost due to natural reasons before 20 weeks of pregnancy is completed. Stillbirth, on the other hand, is loss of pregnancy after completion of 20 weeks. The leading causes behind this are placental problems, abnormality in chromosomes, poor health of the foetus or the mother, and chronic health issues of the mother.

How to handle the risky outbursts?

Apart from that, there are several other complications such as nausea, excessive vomiting tendency, anaemia, urinary tract infection, issues related to mental health, and more.

Appropriate prenatal, preconception and postpartum follow-up care is vital to lower the risk of such complex medical conditions. Another thoughtful approach to handle them is to avail a pregnancy complication cover to take care of such sudden critical situations.

One can opt for a pregnancy complication insurance policy such as pregnancy complications cover under Pocket Insurance products offered by Bajaj Finserv.

Maternity complications necessitate immediate attention and a pregnancy insurance scheme is vital for the welfare of both the mother-to-be and baby. While buying the policy, do look at the terms and conditions of the policy along with its exclusions to make an informed choice.

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